About Level, Injection molding, and 3D printing

With 20 years of engineering and product development experience, Level has a vast understanding of what it takes to bring new ideas to market. The foundation of Level was set in consumer electronics. Level now specializes in 3D printing plastic parts as well as injection molded parts from US injection mold vendors as well as foreign ones. We offer local 3D printing services and work to help develop your product for prototyping or mass production.

Our 3D printing service is not limited on material selections including the use of PLA, nylon, ABS, PC, polyflex (TPU or TPE), wood, metal, carbon fiber reinforced materials, and even ASA. We have the capability to mass produce your parts using our 3D printing service on a small scale if injection molding is too cost prohibitive. We offer multi-colored 3D printing as an option as well. We work with our clients to choose the best 3D printing material for their project.

3D Printing Spool Holder-Sectioned view

We also help with design improvements on existing injection molded parts or underdeveloped mechanical designs. Cost reduction, DFM, and aesthetics are all considerations in our designs. From rough sketches to 3D CAD models in progress, Level has the ability to take your project to production.

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The injection mold industry with vendors like Xometry, Xcentric, Protolabs, ICOMold by Fathom, or Stratasys will sometimes use mechanical and industrial design firms such as Level to create tool ready parts for their customers. We have a vast understanding of material selections, injection molding analysis, prototyping, mechanical performance, and product aesthetics. Level has worked for years developing relationships with each injection mold vendor.

Today, many customers are looking to use US injection mold vendors as well. We have developed wonderful relationships with many US injection mold vendors and still maintain relationships with foreign injection mold vendors. As experts in injection molding services, we strive to teach our customers what we have learned in injection molding. View the testimonials page for references on any of our work.